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Democracy This is a novel about memory, personal and political It is a masterpiece Democracy is Joan Didion s fourth novel, preceded by Run River, Play It As It Lays and A Book of Common Prayer It was published in 1984 The novel takes place between Honolulu and Jakarta at the hemorrhaging end of the Vietnam War It is written as a kind of memoir of Inez Victor, wife of U.S Senator Harry Victor, told from the perspective of a peculiar narrator The narrator is none other than Joan Didion She is also the self conscious author of the novel and explains to the reader how this narrative could have been written differently, interjecting the authorial voice within its narrative It is a st The first meeting of Inez Christian and Jack Lovett at the ballet the beginning of Lovett s grave attraction that would last over twenty years is the sexiest scene I ve read in a while Cissy Christian smoking a cigarette in her white jade holder Inez, wearing dark glassespinning and repinning a gardenia in her damp hair This is our niece, Inez, Dwight Christian said Inez, Major Lovett Jack Inez, Mrs Lovett Carla A breath of air, a cigarette This champagne is lukewarm One glass won t hurt you, Inez, it s your birthday Inez s birthday Inez is seventeen Inez s evening, really Inez is our balletomane Why are you wearing sunglasses, Jack Lovett said.Inez Christian, startled, touched her glasses as if to remove them and then, looking at Jack Lovett, brushed her hair back instead, loosening the pins that held the gardenia.Inez Christian smiled.The Download Democracy By Joan Didion Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Inez Victor Knows That The Major Casualty Of The Political Life Is Memory But The People Around Inez Have Made Careers Out Of Losing Track Her Senator Husband Wants To Forget The Failure Of His Last Bid For The Presidency Her Husband S Handler Would Like The Press To Forget That Inez S Father Is A Murderer And, In 1975, The Year In Which Much Of This Bitterly Funny Novel Is Set, America Is Doing Its Best To Lose Track Of Its One Time Client, The Lethally Hemorrhaging Republic Of South Vietnam.As Conceived By Joan Didion, These Personages And Events Constitute The Terminal Fallout Of Democracy, A Fallout That Also Includes Fact Finding Junkets, Senatorial Groupies, The International Arms Market, And The Orwellian Newspeak Of The Political Class Moving Deftly From Honolulu To Jakarta, Between Romance, Farce, And Tragedy, Democracy Is A Tour De Force From A Writer Who Can Dissect An Entire Society With A Single Phrase. When I first read this book in 1984 I was absolutely staggered Immediately, I flipped back to the beginning and read it again I m sure I ve read it a couple of times since, and this latest re read has merely confirmed that this must be my all time favorite book Although I ve been land locked for the past number of years, I am in essence a person of the Pacific, and Didion s book IS the Pacific.Still, it s a complicated little book and demands from the reader than most One must pay attention to all the tiny details and have than a passing knowledge of the locales from Hawaii, to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the scattered islands in between Guam, Kwajalein, Johnston including the names of the airports, the capitals and the history of these places in the 50s, 60s, 70s.The title is curious I ve never heard a definitive explanation for it, only hints of it being compared to Henry Adams book of the same title My take is that it s an ironic title The book is actual Structurally this book sort of demolished my mind I m in awe. Solitudine emotivaDal punto di vista estetico, il libro piacevolissimo, scritto in modo ricercato ma molto scorrevole Le frasi sono brevi e quella che segue spesso definisce meglio la precedente, lasciando il tempo al lettore di assaporare l immagine o l idea Si vede bella gente che si muove in splendide ville con giardini e piscine o alberghi di lusso, su sfondi tropicali.Le difficolt della vita sono smussate da amici e collaboratori che offrono drink e cercano voli e sistemazioni discrete Tutto gradevole e garbato Mi piaciuto Mi sono sfuggite completamente le intenzioni dell autrice Come mai mescola il ritiro USA da Saigon con una storia di sguardi fra una giovane possibile first lady e un affascinante uomo d affari che conosce tutti e del quale sembra che non ci sia nulla da sapere Perch ci propone il deus ex machina della signora Inez Victor, nata Christian, come un sobrio gentleman pieno di ottime qualit organizzative e relazionali, come se noi potessimo immaginare un trafficante d armi solo in abiti stazzonati, avvolto nel fumo del sigaro e dai modi grossolani Noi non lo pensiamo Poi addirittura mi viene in mente un altro libro ambientato a Saigon, Niente e cos sia, e il minimo che io possa dire che c una certa diversit di spessore, ma sono sicura che Didion ha scritto quello che voleva At nearly the halfway point the Intermission of Democracy Didion, in a meta moment warns or reminds the reader with I am resisting narrative here She s not lying Actually, the reader is placed on notice as early as chapter 2 where the author seems triggered by some images from a Wallace Stevens poem toward writing, in a half assed way, a novel But, c ards on the table, she informs the reader she s at a point in her life where she Didion lacks certainty But Vietnam, even ten years out Democracy came out in 1984 would be hard to sort out Maybe it was writer s block, maybe she was hoping to write another zeitgeist novel, like her terrific send up of the sixties, Play It as It Lays Who knows All of that said, Didion then launches the construction of her main characters, soldier of fortune type, Jack Lovett and the very Didion like Inez Victor, wife of a failed politician She actually gets off to an interesting and evocative start with family history, money, clothes lots of them , but as this short novel unfolds Didion relies a Aloha oeSofisticata, enigmatica, esotica, raffinata.Questa potrebbe essere la descrizione di Inez Victor, la protagonista di Democracy.Ma si potrebbe dire le stesso di Honolulu, teatro di gran parte della storia.O di Saigon.O di Giacarta.O anche, per certi versi, di Joan Didion.O della sua scrittura.Affascinante, affascinanti.Succede a Honolulu, dunque, ma non solo, e la sensazione predominante, quella che resta, quella che lascia un retrogusto amaro, di aver assistito a una rappresentazione da dietro le quinte, di aver osservato dal backstage il muoversi degli attori, e di aver alzato, Joan Didion per noi, un velo.L epoca quella, enigmatica anch essa, in cui in Vietnam, come in Cambogia, come a Giacarta, alle ingerenze nelle questioni di politica interna, nelle guerre civili o negli interventi ufficiali, gli Stati Uniti affiancano l intervento, nell ombra, di strani faccendieri, forse agenti segreti, che ufficialmente si occupano di estrarre i cittadini USA da nazioni ormai diventate pericolose, per riportarli in patria, mentre nella realt ma sapremo mai, noi, la realt delle cose, chi era veramente Jack Lovett e qual la realt in questa storia trafficano in armi, in denaro , forse, intrigano con il governo ma quale governo Damn, so many of the reviews for this book are terrible I kind of want to get a gazillion votes for this review just so that it will come before some of the nonsense in the other reviews Any talk of post modernism or meta fiction or there being too many characters in this novel there aren t that many, than say the one in certain Beckett works, but less than in a Dickens or Pynchon novel , also plug the ears in your head that listen when you are reading to any of cries that the book is dull or that harp too heavily upon the plot for better or for worse Just ignore all that stuff and probably most of what I m going to say too, but not really because I want you to read this and I want your vote, it s important to me to get ahead of these other reviews The only thing you need to know about this book is that it is crushingly beautiful Not flowery pretty, or the literary equivalent of some replaceable blond starlet that graces the cover of gossip mags but awkwardly gorgeous, insert your own parallelism to the blond starlet here The book starts The light at dawn during those Pacific tests was something to see.Something to behold.Something that could almost make you think you saw God, he said.He said to her.Jack Lovett said to Inez Victor.Inez Victor who was born Inez Christian.These short sentence long paragraphs could have been condensed into something like, The light at d At first sight the words charm and harm differ in one letter only but the contrast in their meaning is dramatic Strangely enough, Democracy by Joan Didion has charmed me and harmed me at the same time Democracy has charmed me The first thing that enchanted me instantly was Joan Didion s writing style I ve never experienced anything like that before The unsettling, highly addictive rhythm of her sentences, with many cadenced repetitions and anaphoras, resonated with me like music which goes smoothly straight to your heart I was flabbergasted by Didion s ability to affect me so much with so few words Isaac Babel points out,No iron can stab the heart with such force as a period put just at the right placeand it seems so true in Joan Didion s case also Although Democracy provokes strong emotions, it s far from sentimental Her style is harsh at times, like her characters Ah, the way she depicts the feelings flowing between Inez and Jack every time they meet It made me think of Casablanca scarce words, extreme tension.The descriptions in Democracy are concise but the world she paints with words bursts with colours and smellsWhen Inez remembered that week in Jakarta in 1969 she remembered mainly the cloud cover that hung low over the city and trapped the fumes of sewage and automobile exhaust and rotting vegetation as in a fetid greenh

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