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Winner Takes All: Master/Slave Fantasies by Christopher Pierce The Prolific Author Christopher Pierce Christopherpierceerotica Has Appeared In Practically Every Gay Magazine And Than Three Dozen Story Anthologies WINNER TAKES ALL, His Newest Collection, Offers The Title Novella And Shorter Stories About Gay Master Slave Relationships, Ranging From The Edgiest To The Most Romantic With Every Variation In Between While Only A Few Stories Are Set In Other Times Or Other Worlds Than Our Own, They Are All Sex Fantasies, Not Slices Of Life Their Aim Is To Entertain, Which They Do Splendidly Advance Readers Of WINNER TAKES ALL Have Said That Masters And Slaves Pop Off The Pages Like Heroic Figures From The Leather Underworld Jay Starre In Lip Smackingly Kinky Tales Jeff Mann Featuring Beautiful Language, Touching Characterization, Poignant Plotting, And A Full Bodied Eroticism M Christian, In His Foreword The Stunning Original Cover Images Are By Thom Magister, Himself A Perfectbound Press Author THE SLAVE JOURNALS AND OTHER TALES OF THE OLD GUARD

About the Author: Christopher Pierce

I write gay male erotic fiction, with a focus on BDSM relationships I have published two short story collections, Winner Takes All Master slave Fantasies by Christopher Pierce and Kidnapped by a Sex Maniac The Erotic Fiction of Christopher Pierce the first two novels in my Rogue Sequence, Rogue Slave and Rogue Hunted and have edited seven anthologies of gay male erotic fiction, including Biker Boys and I Like to Watch for Cleis Press.I am currently hard at work on new stories and books I love hearing from readers, so please write to me here and or at christopherpierce2001 yahoo.com.

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    Reading my paperback version Children, avert your eyes Collared at the Dog Pound 4 stars Woot What a way to start A total power exchange master slave fantasy There are no safe words here, folks Watersports, sex with no lube whew I sort of loved it.Hard Day s Reward 2 stars This really pushed my comfort zone, and though it had hot moments, it wasn t really my kink Foot worship lint eww and punching squicked me out Not for me

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    If I have a soaking wet panties shelf here on GR, this book would definitely be on it.Therefore 5 Brilliant Lip Smacking Stars for this high quality collection of BDSM erotica.It s a must read for all TPE Total Power Exchange fans Especially those who loves good doses of manhandling and masculinity in their BDSM stories.Contained within its pages are Master Slave Fantasies that shows us how consensual slavery could be a very fulfil

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    WellThere are enough Warnings EVERYWHERE not to attract the false readers to the book So, if you will be shocked by an extremely graphical presentation full of taboos, you can blame ONLY yourself, it is really only your OWN fault.Because before you can dive into this collection out of 17 VERY SMUTTY short novels you have to pass first through the warnings of publisher, then through the author s foreword that explains you the meaning of TPE

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    The first time I tried the stories in the book I cherry picked the ones other readers seemed to have enjoyed the best, but they weren t really for me But now that I ve checked out the rest of the stories I found the ones I thought would be second stringers actually hadof the emotional connection I was looking for I enjoyed those much , particularly the longer multi part final story, the eponymous Winner Takes All.3.5 stars You should definitely go

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    Every now and then I read something that reminds me that M M romance and gay erotica are seriously different genres I dislike essentialist sounding explanations, but there are times, most often after I ve spentthan four and a half minutes watching pornography when I just feel like shouting out men and women are turned on by very different kinds of stories I enjoyed reading these stories they are well written and inventive but I liked thembecause they gave

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    Sometimes you just want a leather daddy Interesting mix with a couple really unique ones Nice Thanks to Helle for the lovely Christmas gift.

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    This is a collection of 17 short stories 231 pages.1 Collared at the Dog PoundSub s POVA young man wishing to find a master goes to the bar Dog Pound, where the subs are gathered at a central place the pound in the bar for the masters to look at them and choose the ones they want But the MC never goes with the other potential slaves He stays at a table in the back, looking at what s happening in the bar because a soothsayer told him that it would be the master who would

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    This is one of the most authentic BDSM books I ve ever read It s an anthology of several stories They are extremely erotic, very graphic, and incredibly well written and well edited My intention was to give this book five stars, and I would have done so if not for the very last story Although I understand the perspective of this first person narrative, the story itself was beyond disturbing to me It accounted for 30% of the book and it included scenes which were horrifyingly sad

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    I ll rate review as I go alongReadCollared at the Dog Pound 3.75 stars a boy who wants to be owned finally gets collared A Master to buy a dog bowl and take care of him and treat him the way a dog slave needs to be There was breath piss play Also rough sex A little SM Pretty good Enjoyed the Master slave dynamic in this oneso much so I didn t mind the piss.Need to ReadHard Day s Reward Goodnight, My Slaveboys First Time Slave The Piss Mummy Five Bucks a Swat The Executioner I ll rate re

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    I prefer my master slave fantasies to be dub con non con, especially if they involve humiliation degradation, so this book didn t really work for me since all but two stories were very much consensual with extremely eager to please slaves And one of those two non con stories switched so fast from resistant top to ultra submissive slave that I didn t find it believable enough.If you love very submissive slaves, dialogue you d hear in porn, and lots of consensual watersports, this is the book for

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