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Don't Peak at High School For The One In Four Australian Kids Affected By Bullying, The So Called Best Days Of Your Life Can Feel Like Guantanamo Bay For Teens In Don T Peak At High School, Australia S Most Talented, Successful And Popular Stars Reveal How Being Bullied Shaped Their Lives Surprisingly Entertaining And Thoroughly Inspiring, This Book Will Reassure Teenagers And Provide Precious Insight For Parents And Teachers These Stories Offer Strategies To Cope And Conquer, As Well As Inspiring And Inventive Ways To Deal With What Feels Like The Undealable, Says Editor And Energy Behind The Book, Fiona Scott Norman These Are Stories Not Only Of Survival, But Of People Who Ve Flourished Despite Inauspicious Beginnings Coincidence Not Likely The Irony Is That The Majority Of People Who Are Admired And Respected In The World Probably Came From This Kind Of Background I Never Went To Anything Cool, The First Time I Went To A Big Day Out, I Was And Playing At It Megan Washington Contributors Include Brendan Cowell Megan Washington Adam Goodes Penny Wong Charlie Pickering Tim Ferguson Bindi Cole Judith Lucy Paul Capsis Eddie Perfect Benjamin Law Marieke Hardy Kate Miller Heidke Wendy Harmer Brendan Cowell Adam Boland

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    Probably liked this better for not knowing any of the featured writers who are major stars in Australia they were just real folk to me These are pretty incredible stories of kids who overcame the odds and wound up massively professionally successful if not privately all pulled back together Which goes to reinforce that even though

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    I couldn t tell you how I came across this book but obviously I did somehow and I m glad I did Bullying will never go away but it could be reduced ifadults got involved and weren t so one sided I couldn t believe so many people I admire were contributors Just goes to show that no matter who are, you can be bullied Each story made me laugh a

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    Much of my school years are lost to me in the mists of time so they could not have been life defining as they were for so many of the celebrities in this worthy tome I cannot remember being bullied, at least not in school, nor do I remember it as a particularly happy or unhappy time I recall some very good teachers, a couple of disgraceful ones and t

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    Probably a three and a half stars read for me, extremely positive spin on being bullied and how it shaped these very talented people, sends a message that bullying can influence who you become in a good way, that the very survival of it makes you stronger, makes you independent, unique, can potentially give you lifelong skills that are priceless However, knowi

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    This book is about lot s of famous stars, as kids being bullied at school This book gives their views, of their life when they were being bullied at school Most of them now, wouldn t change a thing, because it made them resiliant and famous They tell us, how they felt during this period of life and how they over came it All of these bullied kids grew up, and became famo

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    I enjoyed this book immensely.I picked this book up at a Gold Coast Airport newsagent while waiting for a plane I had this book read by the time I got to bed that night.As a person who went through those hateful days in high school of being bullied I took comfort and much interest reading about other Australians who had left behind those days and gone on to become articulate and

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