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The Other Tudor Princess The Other Tudor Princess Download Author Mary McGrigor Jackkellyfilm.co.uk Margaret Douglas The Other Tudor Princess Brings To Life The Story Of Margaret Douglas, A Shadowy And Mysterious Character In Tudor History But Who Now Takes Centre Stage In This Tale Of The Bitter Struggle For Power During The Reign Of Henry VIII Margaret Is Henry S Beloved Niece, But Defies The King By Indulging In Two Scandalous Affairs Yet When The King Turns Against His Second Wife Anne Boleyn And Declares His Daughters Mary And Elizabeth Bastards, It Is Margaret He Appoints As His Heir To The Throne Imprisoned In The Tower On Two Occasions, It Is The Arrangement Of The Marriage Of Margaret S Son, Lord Darnely, To His Cousin, Mary, Queen Of Scots, That Unites Their Claims To The Throne And Angers Her Uncle King Henry Yet Again Yet This Match Brings Tragedy, As Her Son Is Brutally Murdered As Margaret Reaches Old Age, Her Place In The Dynasty Is Still Not Safe, And She Dies In Mysterious Circumstances But Was Margaret Poisoned On The Orders Of Queen Elizabeth This Forgotten Part Of Tudor History Is Told Here For The First Time With All The Passion And Thrill Of A Novel, But This Is No Fiction The Untold Story Of This Forgotten Tudor Runs Through The Course Of History, And She Secured The Throne For Her Stuart Ancestors For Years To Come.

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    There are so many inaccuracies in this book, so blatantly obvious that I do not know how they made it beyond an editor There is even a major error right there in the synopsis Many that I point out in my review are basic things that anyone with dece...

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    Review An interesting book on something I know relatively little about I know the basic family history, but very little about how she was involved in English politics and court life during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I It was very interesting to read, though a little lacking in place

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    A detailed study of a companion, enemy and friend of queens and kings Margaret Douglas was an adventurer as well, living the simple life of a displaced person in the countryside for a short period of her life In a nutshell the reader gets insights into the life of high ranking subjects of Henry VIII This extends deep

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    Somewhat interesting, especially in the account of Margaret s early days, but also extremely disappointing At times I felt like I was reading a novel instead of a straight biography this is not a compliment , with detailed descriptions of her looks and what was going on in her head, the impression she made on her cousin

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    I am a fan of Alison Weir but this book didn t grab me at all was looking forward to it as Margaret Douglas is a lady i know very little about She has been forgotten by history She was the niece of henry 8th and mother in law of Mary queen of ...

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    Very informative and interesting book about the niece of Henry VIII, her life and family Her son was the Lord Darnley who married Mary Queen of Scots unfortunately to be murdered after a short time I have no criticism of this book as it ...

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    I very much enjoyed this biography on Margaret Douglas, niece of Henry VIII, mother in law to Mary Queen of Scots and grandmother to James I, as I hadn t read anything about her before Fans of Tudor history, don t miss this one

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    Finally a book about one of my favorite women in historyvery informative and full of detail on her life

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About the Author: Mary McGrigor

Mary McGrigor grew up in a Scottish medieval castle which inspired her love of history.Married to Sir Charles McGrigor, she was first a soldier s, and then a farmer s wife.She has four children, twelve grandchildren, and two great granddaughters.The author of many books and magazine articles, she lives in Argyll.