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Five Days Left Hand me the mop, the bottle overturned and syrup is dripping all over the place Where s the electric, where s the zap, all I got was gooey sap But that s not all Snooze city Boring people leading boring lives in the boring burbs It has been hard to even rally the juices to write a review, this book is so mind numbing.The story is about Mara, a woman with a terminal illness who is giving herself five days to decide whether to off herself You might wonder how this could be boring, but it is It s a case of a good premise being ruined by bad storytelling and pedestrian characters.There is detail overload on nothing but drivel Doesn t happen a lot, but even a little is too much Sort of reminds me of the ridiculous Facebook entries I had meatloaf with beans for dinner or Timmy is so proud that he shared his Legos with Miranda or I m off to the gas station I m sorry, but do we really need to spend our precious time reading such embarrassing proclamations The biggest crime is that another even sappier and nap inducing story about a guy with a foster kid competes for air space I felt rudely interrupted every time the book switched to story number two Wouldn t you think that a terminally ill, suicidal woman would be enoug I just finished this book today Read it in just over two days Would have read in one sitting but life always gets in the way Very well written Both subjects very emotional and all characters so very loveable I look forward to from Julie Lawson Timmer My Review Have you ever finished a book and needed time to digest it afterwards A book that has made you think A book that has ravaged you emotionally so that you re in shock afterwards This book did that to me.Five Days Left was a glimpse into the private lives of two families as they struggle to come to terms with the fact that there are things in their lives that they cannot control While both story lines were weaved together well, it was Mara s story that was at the forefront Not that Scott s decisions were less important, just different I m glad that his story intersected with Mara s because if the entire story was about her I think it would have been too much for me to bear.Going into the book I thought I had it figured out I knew that it would be an emotional read just from glancing at the book jacket but I didn t predict that it would make me think so much about the two issues that were raised involving suicide and foster parenting My hats off to Ms Lawson Timmer for her ability to make me see both sides of these highly sensitive issues At the end of the book I was left not knowing how I would have handled myself in a similar situations This book made me think and fe According to Wikipedia Huntington s disease HD is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive decline and behavioral symptoms It typically becomes noticeable in mid adult life And after reading Five Days Left by Julie Lawson Timmer, who is a Canadian author, I can t stop myself from penning down the following spectacular and moving poem written by an anonymous boy for his Huntington s stricken mother She tried to hide it,But it didn t take longBefore I began to noticeThat something was wrong.I was still young,So I didn t understandWhat could be causingThe tremors in her handI was confusedAnd I didn t know whyDropping somethingWould cause her to cryIs this my fault Is it something I did I thought it was becauseI was a bad kidYear after yearI saw her get worseIt s painful to watchThe disease takes its courseSometimes she d get snappyShe would be hard to pleaseI had to rememberIt was just the diseaseWhere did my mom go Will she ever be back She s trapped in her bodyAnd it s under attackHer movements are jerkyHer arms are always flailingI cry because I knowHer body is failingNow, she can t walkAnd she struggles to standThe things that she saysI can t understandI admire her courageAnd I will always love herNo matter what happensThere are angels above herI have to be strongI do my best to care for herI love her so muchI will always be there for herMy little sister is 10And I I have had this book on my to be read list since December 2015 It finally came in to my library so I was excited to start reading it It actually involves 2 separate stories in this one book One story is very raw and emotional about Huntington s Disease and it sure opened up my eyes about this awful disease The other story was about a foster family and although I didn t care for this par I bought this book when it first came out in paperback thinking that it might be an interesting read Wow This book hooked me from the start and never let go.Mara is an ambitious attorney, happily married and mother of an adorable, adopted little girl When she slowly realizes that there is something terribly wrong with herself, and gets a disastrous diagnosis, she makes a decision that she may have to leave everyone she loves Scott is a middle school teacher who is fostering a young boy while his mother is in jail In 5 days he will have to return Curtis to her and an unknown future This is breaking his heart, even though his wife is now pregnant with their first child and is ready to just have their own family together The story alternates between the two character s stories, yet they are tied together through an online chat forum where they both anonymously post The story is also divided into 5 parts, each representing each of the 5 days remaining A tension slowly builds as the 5 days count down Will Mara take the drastic step she is planning Will Scott really lose Curtis forever OK, so it s not a spoiler to say that Mara has Huntington s Disease It is disclosed early on in chapter 4 If you ve read Inside the O Briens by Lisa Genova, you know what a debilitating, horrific disease this is Mara doesn t want to burden her family, including her parents Thank you First Reads for providing me with an advanced reader s copy of Five Days Left Not the most exciting book in the world I ve got to be honest about that It was sad but not in a way that felt memorable, or especially authentic either More in a way that was just downright depressing I never quite Reading Five Days Left Author Julie Lawson Timmer Jwdfitness.co.uk Mara Uma Advogada De Sucesso, Tem Um Casamento Feliz, Uma M E Dedicada Tem, Tamb M, Uma Doen A Devastadora Que Esconde Do Marido E Da Filha Pequena Ama Os Demasiado Para Aceitar Ser Um Fardo Para Eles E Tudo Corre Bem Durante Alguns Anos S O Anos Maravilhosos Mas Sobre Os Quais Paira A Sombra Da Sua Decis O Aquando Do Diagn Stico Viver Enquanto Puder Manter Se Digna Agora Que O Seu Corpo Est Finalmente A Ceder, Mara Estabelece Um Doloroso Prazo Dentro De Cinco Dias, Acabar Com A Sua Pr Pria Vida.A Mais De Mil Quil Metros De Dist Ncia, Scott Tem Tamb M Apenas Cinco Dias Para Cuidar De Curtis, Um Menino Que Acolheu Em Sua Casa E Que Ser Agora Novamente Entregue M E, Que Est Prestes A Terminar Uma Pena De Pris O Foi Com Scott Que Curtis Conheceu A Estabilidade E O Amor E Desfrutou Plenamente Da Inf Ncia Pela Primeira Vez O Que O Espera Uma Angustiante Inc Gnita Para Proteger Curtis, Scott Tem Agora De Abdicar Dele Para Sempre.Mara E Scott S O Duas Pessoas Em Contagem Decrescente Inesperadamente, As Suas Vidas V O Cruzar Se E Unir Se Numa Amizade Que Os Acompanhar Ao Longo Da Semana Mais Dif Cil Das Suas Vidas E, No Final Dessa Dura Semana, Qual Deles Estar Feliz Qual Estar De Luto E Qual Deles Ter Desaparecido Para Sempre Five Days Left is a story that grabs you from the first sentence and stays with you after the last page As I read about Mara s story I found myself constantly wondering and not knowing the answer to what I would do if I were in her position I thought about Scott and his wife and Little Man constantly, wishing they were a way for each one of them to get what they so longed for I found myself appreciating small moments of my days, little quirks I noticed in my family To me that s what good fiction does it doesn t just help you see the world from another person s point of view, it changes yours a little, too A beautiful, haunting story that, for me, is a testament to why kindness is so important, because what s just I m so very happy that I won a copy of this book from Goodreads Firstreads I d definitely say, this is the best book I ve read all summer, so far Julie Lawson Timmer nailed it While reading, you could actually feel how each character felt So many different emotions felt all at once This was a story of sacrifice Emotionally and physically About relationships About love About fear.Timmer s debut has me wanting much from her I can t wait to pass this along to friends so we

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