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I Let You Go Jacob, a five year old boy is killed at the start of the novel NOTHING PLEASANT SO FAR Then for the next 400 or so pages we feel nothing for this poor child We never knew him to begin with His death is a shock incident we have no emotional connection with him whatsoever So the story is about who killed him why did the driver hit Jacob and drive away And why the hell after a year, are there no leads about the case And why is it taking so long to tell this story when some of us me , can see the ending in the first 20% of this book A sculptor not sculpting..and a mother without a child NOTHING TOO INSPIRING ABOUT THAT about JENNA Our main character, Jenna, is the sculptor, no longer sculpting and mother without a child Jenna is intended as a sympathetic character.but mostly I found her passive and irritating Her little boy dies yet within three months she is feeling alive drawing her name in the sand, taking photos with her camera on the beach YOU VE GOT TO BE KIDDING FISHY FISHY FISHY She runs away goes off grid throws her cell phone away hides out less that 3 months after her child is killed In 6 months she s happy about a new photography business Odd She is completely out of communication with the police Dept the people who are trying to find HER son s killer They have no idea where she is living or how to reach her for much of the book Jenna s new boyfriend is one hell of a Thought I was finished reading for the night but decided that I just had to finish this one While I had it all figured out early on, it didn t keep me from enjoying this one Extremely well written debut and I look forward to her next book.Jacob is a 5 year old little boy who lets go of his mother s hand for a brief moment and is killed in a hit and run in the prologue of this gripping police procedural Jenna Gray s life is forever changed and runs away immediately following the accident to escape the talk of the town.This book felt almost like 2 separate books between Part one and Part two I found myself not totally engrossed until I reached Part two , but once I hit that I couldn t put this down I really enjoyed the author s note at the end which explained how this story came about its rea Bravo Bravo Ms Mackintosh for completely blowing my mind and making me an emotional wreck 4.5 Stars rounded up to 5 5 Stars for phenomenal narration I didn t figure this one out Fantastic book Wonderful audio I can t believe this was a debut This is a hard book to review without giving away spoilers What I will say is that this novel starts out as a simple but devastating crime of hit and run A five year old boy is dead Jenna Gray s life is changed forever She runs off to a seaside town in Wales and begins to start her life over again Then bam A major twist happens in the story and everything changes The book then takes off and twists and turns T I love a good psychological thriller, and this one fell into the category of excellent ones Holy macaroni Batman I did NOT see that twist coming in a million years I just stared at the page whilst my brain scrambled to get some footing again And it wasn t the only one But the BIGGIE was done so very, very well A tragic accident It all happened so quickly She couldn t have prevented it Could she In a split second, Jenna Gray s world descends into a nightmare Her only hope of moving on is to walk away from everything she knows to start afresh Desperate to escape, Jenna moves to a remote cottage on the Welsh coast, but she is haunted by her fears, her grief and her memories of a cruel November night that changed her life forever.Slowly, Jenna begins to glimpse the potential for happiness in her future But her past is about to catch up with her, and the consequences will be devastatingIt s so hard to talk any about the plot of this book without giving away the entire reason for the book so I am not going to do that All I will say is that the plot is cleverly written, with twists that I have already told you are amazing and plenty surprise moments along the way It s very clever with the way stories intertwine like rope to make for a very strong book overall Fascinating I was flicking pages wanting of the story to reveal itself.The characters in the book I thought were excellent, I fe I stayed up late last night to finish this one which speaks volumes about how much I was enjoying it, as I value my sleep than anything else in life A young mum walks her 5 year old son home from school, like any other day Except that this day is different, her son lets go of her hand and is hit by a car and killed instantly.In Part 1 we flick between two POVs that of the woman, choosing to begin her life again after the horrific accident and grief it has left behind She moves from Bristol to rural South Wales, a place where no one knows her, or her past.The second POV is the Bristol Police Force Ray the DI for the CID team is trying to juggle his workload with his family life, and it is proving difficult He spends and time at work to escape the stress of his home life When the death of 5 year old Jacob comes to their attention Ray is determined to discover who did it, and why they drove away from the scene of the crime.Full of twists and turns, I was gr I can t believe this book And the significance of the words OMG written in the sand has to do with both my reaction and something in the book that I m not going to tell you Headlights glint on wet tarmac, the dazzle blinding them every few seconds Waiting for a break in the traffic they duck across the busy road, and she tightens her grip on the small hand inside the soft woollen glove, so he has to run to keep up Sodden leaves cling to the railings, their bright colours darkening to a dull brown. People, if you have not read this book and you are planning on it READ IT And don t put it down even if it gets a little bland at one point This book takes a twist that blew me away There is nothing like a book that will do that and Clare Mackintosh did that with this book When all of the pieces fit together you are left sitting staring thinking, how, what did she really just do that Did she twist that book so freaking much that it resembles a pretzel I m NOT giving out a spoiler, not even a tiny one, because this is one of those books you need to find out for yourself I was actually wondering after the first little bit why the book had such high reviews and then it smacks you right in th Epub I Let You Go Author Clare Mackintosh Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk A Tragic Accident It All Happened So Quickly She Couldn T Have Prevented It Could She In A Split Second, Jenna Gray S World Descends Into A Nightmare Her Only Hope Of Moving On Is To Walk Away From Everything She Knows To Start Afresh Desperate To Escape, Jenna Moves To A Remote Cottage On The Welsh Coast, But She Is Haunted By Her Fears, Her Grief And Her Memories Of A Cruel November Night That Changed Her Life Forever.Slowly, Jenna Begins To Glimpse The Potential For Happiness In Her Future But Her Past Is About To Catch Up With Her, And The Consequences Will Be Devastating. How the hell did I miss this GREAT debutFirst of all and most IMPORTANT GO IN COLD TURKEY FOLKS, AND READ IT I LET YOU GO all begins with an inexcusable crime that leads to an investigative divisionwith a story of its ownon the hunt With a very subtle underlying current of something brewingthat might be construed as slow goingthere s another unexpected tragedy, a shocker of a twist, heartrending grief, fear, nightmares, and a door that won t lock.AND, despite all the great quotes I made note of, I can only use one that will give n I Let You Go is incredibly cliche and predictable, the format of the book was so familiar because a lot of thrillers seem to follow the same trend.It s all muddled at the start,then we get to about the halfway point and there s a big twist or revelation and the book is switching I Let You Go is a very smart, very clever psychological mystery by new British author Clare Mackintosh This is an extremely impressive debut novel.The story involves a hit and run killing of a 5 year old boy and is told from the POV of 3 characters our main protagonist Jenna, the lead detective on the case Ray, and a man named Ian Ms Mackintosh is an excellent writer She knows how to capture the reader s attention right off the bat Jenna and Ray are well characterized and Ms Mackintosh had me rooting mightily for both, though they each had flaws Jenna, in particular, I cared deeply about Ian, on the other hand, I abhorred He is absolutely loathsome, and I was disappointed every time one of his chapters appeared The highlight of the story for me was the gobsmacking twist like a tornado that hit just before the halfway mark Wowzers I do believe this was one of if not THE biggest twist I have ever come across in my fictional reading I was momentarily disoriented as I went back to reread the paragraph a couple of times before I was convinced that what I thought I had read was indeed what I did read This was by all means not the end of the surprises, but it sure packed the most powerful punch Other positives included an interesting side story involvi

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Clare Mackintosh spent twelve years in the police force, including time on CID, and as a public order commander She left the police in 2011 to work as a freelance journalist and social media consultant now writes full time She lives in North Wales with her husband and their three children.Clare s debut novel, I Let You Go, is a Sunday Times bestseller and was the fastest selling title by a new c