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The Dark Days Deceit (Lady Helen, #3) how do you expect me to wait till 2018 after that ending in the sequel HOWW I need this bookthan anything else in the world right now Reading The Dark Days Deceit Lady Helen, 3 Author Alison Goodman Instaposter.us The Thrilling, Genre Bending Conclusion To Lady Helen S Demon Hunting Adventures, Set In The Glittering Regency World.Lady Helen Has Retreated To A Country Estate Outside Bath To Prepare For Her Wedding To The Duke Of Selburn, Yet She Knows She Has Unfinished Business To Complete She And The Dangerously Charismatic Lord Carlston Have Learned They Are A Dyad, Bonded In Blood, And Only They Are Strong Enough To Defeat The Grand Deceiver, Who Threatens To Throw Mankind Into Chaos But The Heinous Death Soaked Ligatus Helen Has Absorbed Is Tearing A Rift In Her Mind Its Power, If Unleashed, Will Annihilate Both Helen And Carlston Unless They Can Find A Way To Harness Its Ghastly Force And Defeat Their Enemy.In The Final Book Of The Trilogy That Began With THE DARK DAYS CLUB And Continued With THE DARK DAYS PACT, The Intrepid Lady Helen S Story Hurtles To A Shocking Conclusion Full Of Action, Heartbreak, And Betrayal. Edit 2 10 18GUYS IT HAS A TITLE NOW And she s gave us a release month Alison hasn t updated her blog yet but you can go on her socials and see I will honestly buy LD3 the day it is released I will probably dedicate two days just to reading it Maybe 3 since it will be the longest and last of the series I am honestly so exicted and counting down the days until I can get this book A year away I guess it coul Didn t Beau Brummell fall out of favor with the Prinny in real life Does this mean he might be the Grand Deceiver Also, we didn t see him at all in the second book, so was he off planning his rise of evil OMG There is a title and I can t wait to see a cover NOVEMBER weeps i neeeeed this book NOW Ahhh love this series x EDIT, January 21st, 2017 Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh This book is incredibly far away HOW can I wait, after that ending The Dark Days Pact Tell me it isn t soBook One The Dark Days Club was sooooooo good I need the sequel, and this one wHEN WILL i GET some NEWS I m really super excited for this book But how can I wait until 2018 I m waiting for a COVER OR A TITLE I need SOOOMMMMEEE NEWS AFTER THE ENDING

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