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Artful Persuasion There S Really Nothing Mysterious About Getting People To Change Their Minds No Special, Inborn Gifts No Subliminal TricksInstead, The Best Persuaders Advertisers, Salespeople, Politicians, Spin Doctors Depend On The Fact That Everyone Responds To Messages In Just Two Ways Thoughtfully Or Mindlessly And They Know How To Manipulate These Two Persuasion Routes To Make Even The Most Doubtful Say Yes Jam Packed With Fascinating Case Studies And Surprising Examples, This Comprehensive, Entertaining How To Guide Puts The Powerful Tool Of Persuasion At Anyone S Disposal It Explains How The Master Persuaders The Churchills, Lincolns, And Roosevelts Create Powerful, Memorable Messages That Convince People Of Their Arguments Logic And Rightness How Successful Persuaders Exploit The Psychological Triggers That Cause People To Subconsciously Move From No To Yes

About the Author: Harry Mills

HARRY MILLS is founder and CEO of Aha Advantage, an international consulting and training firm whose clients include Unilever, IBM, Toyota, Oracle, and Astra Zeneca An in demand speaker, he is the persuasion expert at Harvard Business Review s Manage Mentor program and author of Artful Persuasion, The Rainmaker s Toolkit, and other notable books.

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    The book starts with a questionnaire The How High is Your Persuasion IQ What I decided to do with this is turn each of the 60 entries into a healing intention statement After which I do a Sacred Circle Empowerment which downloads and installs each statement for my highest good.This is a highly technical piece that is well orchestrated both in terms of content and graphica

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    I taught this book as part of a university course Persuasion 205 It was published in 2000, so you can imagine HOW much have changed within 20 years 2020 To be honest, I rarely used the English version, as I had to teach the translated into Arabic one 2004 edition I can say, as a Saudi Arab teacher, it s US Europe oriented content if oriented is the right word , so I had to bring in MANY examples fr

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    Really interesting book,I first read it as a E Book and then I had to get it as a paper book,loved it

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